What folks around the NBA are saying about the top prospects in Wednesday's NBA Draft:

Mike Bibby, Arizona, G, 6-2, 190

"Mike Bibby is really what you have to have to be a successful NBA franchise. I think now the consensus is pretty much if you don't have a point guard, you're not going to have a good team in the NBA, and Mike Bibby is a consummate point guard. He thinks like a point guard and he plays like a point guard. He really doesn't have a lot of weaknesses."

- Denver Nuggets Vice President and General Manager Dan Issel

Vince Carter, N. Carolina, G, 6-7, 215

"Vince Carter is the most explosive athlete who is out there at the two-guard position. He is a tremendous leaper and runner, big-time in those qualities. His overall game started to catch up to his athleticism this past season, and that augurs well for his future."

- Boston Celtics General Manager Chris Wallace

Michael Doleac, Utah, C, 6-11, 265

"You go with Olowokandi and then with Doleac, who could be a backup or a starting center, and there are people who believe Doleac could also play power forward. I don't think so, because I don't think he can cover a power forward. He can take a center outside with his jump shot."

- NBA Director of Scouting Marty Blake

Larry Hughes, Saint Louis, G, 6-5, 185

"Larry is a young player who has a lot of athleticism. He has a good first step and very quick ball-handling skills. He plays right now as more of an off-guard, but eventually he'll play some as a point guard. I don't know that that will be his exact position, but he'll play some minutes there. He does distribute the ball well and he has a killer cross-over move. He doesn't have great range right now, but it is developing. He's also a pretty good competitor."

- Vancouver Grizzlies Director of Player Personnel Larry Riley

Antawn Jamison, UNC, PF, 6-9, 223

"He is a very good athlete. He can probably play two positions. He is quick off the dribble. He's got a big upside. He's very combative. He likes to take the big shot."

- NBA Director of Scouting Marty Blake

Raef LaFrentz, Kansas, PF, 6-11, 235

"He's a solid all-around player and a pretty good shooter. He can take you outside, and he has a variety of shots inside. He could turn out to be a real, real good player. He has played against good competition and succeeded."

- NBA Director of Scouting Marty Blake

Dirk Nowitzki, Germany, F-C, 6-11, 237

"Dirk is a very young player. He's blessed with good offensive skills. He can pass, he can shoot and he has a good first step. Right now, he's more of an offensive player than a defensive one."

- Vancouver Grizzlies Director of Player Personnel Larry Riley

Michael Olowokandi, Pac., C, 7-1, 265

"Every year we (NBA scouts) are all in search of a center. Olowokandi is the top center in this draft. He is head and shoulders above all the other big people, if you count (Kansas') Raef LaFrentz as a four. He's got great size, looks like he enjoys the game. He's young to the game, and that's intriguing, because it looks like he has some growth ahead of him."

- Utah Jazz Vice President of Basketball Operations Scott Layden

Paul Pierce, Kansas, SF, 6-7, 220

"He can score, and that's probably what he does best. He's probably not an NBA three-point shooter at this stage of his career, but he could make the college three-pointer. In time he'll be able to stretch out his range to the point where he'll be able to hit the three-pointer. He's a solid basketball player and really a pretty good player in the clutch."

- Vancouver Grizzlies Director of Player Personnel Larry Riley

Robert Traylor, Michigan, PF, 6-8, 300

"Has great hands. He can seal you off. He can pass the ball. He's very good in the pivot. Now that he's in better shape, he's likely to go in the top eight picks."

- NBA Director of Scouting Marty Blake