Our family first met "Grandma Wing" in August of 1982. She was our caretaker throughout our childhood. We remember her best by her caring commitment to teaching us manners. She always told us to say please and thank you. She would say, "Manners don't cost a penny, but they're priceless." She was always prepared to tell us the difference between right and wrong. Every time we hit each other, or were rude to each other, she was always there to scold us and tell us what was right. She would always make us incredible tuna fish sandwiches. We would come home from a long half day of kindergarten and sit to a wonderful tuna fish sandwich. Grandma Wing also made a delicious spaghetti sauce. Near the end of her life, rather than becoming a mentor, she became a dear friend. We would visit her every Thursday night for dinner. One of us would call her every day on the telephone, and one of us would answer the phone on Thursdays. We would invite her to birthday parties. She was, in almost all ways, a member of our family.

Grandma Wing also had heart trouble. In the last few years of her life she suffered from heart attacks, and a stroke. Almost all of her siblings had died young due to smoking cigarettes. Grandma Wing had never smoked a cigarette, so she was able to outlive most of her siblings. Grandma was in and out of the hospital many times, during her final years. Grand Wing died on the 16th of June, 1998, in her late 80's. She always told us that she didn't want a picture in her obituary. She would rather have been remembered as a younger individual, than an older one. We will forever miss her loving presence in our lives.Robin and Andrew Steiner.

A Memorial Mass will be held Monday, June 22, 1998 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church at 4 p.m. Please park in the Judge High parking lot.

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