The recent National Women's Political Caucus meeting here wants to make it easier for women to get elected to political office.

"It's very difficult," said Mary Mark, head of the 120-member Utah Women's Political Caucus, "because it's a nontraditional role for women, especially in Utah. We need to educate and inform and help people understand that if you have broader diversity, it helps everyone."The caucus' conference marked the first Utah gathering for the national political organization, founded in 1971.

The Utah caucus counts among its membership some Republicans, but most are Democrats. "We have worked very hard to be bipartisan," said Mark, who is not registered with either party. But, she added, "We wish we had more Republicans."

One of the national group's main goals is to preserve abortion rights, but the Utah caucus has been neutral on that aspect, Mark said.

"The state group reflects more of the desire to get more women involved politically," said Mark.