Light rail and I-15 reconstruction strikes again.

Lewis Bros. Stages announced Friday it will discontinue daily sightseeing tours on the Old Salty Tour Train. Company officials say the combined effects of two seasons of downtown light rail construction and I-15 reconstruction was too much to handle."We hung in there, last year, and it cost us significant revenue," said company president Steve Lewis in a press release. "Every week - and it seems, sometimes every day - there's a new closure or detour."

Lewis said the constant route changes have a negative impact on the quality of the tour, and construction is keeping people away from the down-town area.

Lewis Bros. Stages also cited concerns over traffic safety if they frequently operated in the construction zones.

"We waited as long as we could to make a decision for this summer, hoping to see a workable solution. We've just got to face the reality of the situation and come back strong next year," Lewis said.

While the three daily tours will no longer operate from Temple Square, the Old Salty Tour Train will be available for private charter tours and special events.