Something has really been bothering me and maybe some others, too. It is this ridiculous light-rail project.

First of all, I would like to challenge Deedee Corradini to show us in what way these things are light. Or was that just a selling ploy like "light mayo" or "light beer"? From what I have seen on local news stories, they look like not-so-light buses on rails. Is this someone's great vision of our city for the new millennium - huge buses running up Main Street, clogging up downtown Salt Lake City? (Let's not even discuss aesthetics.)Now, it would make a lot more sense to me if this monorail was located west of the city. That way this system could join our three large population areas form Ogden to Salt Lake to Provo, thus efficiently moving large numbers of happy commuters, shoppers and tourists from city to city. (You know, like in Japan?)

Right now, this thing is looking a lot like a different Japanese import, Godzilla, obsolete before it's even up and running.

Oh, and didn't we vote "no" on light rail?

Lacey Taylor

Salt Lake City