Permit my critiquing of music critic Edward Reichel's coverage of the Utah Philharmonia, U. Concert Chorale and A Cappella Choir performance held June 6 at Abravanel Hall.

While this is not the only article exemplifying the critic's offensive, pompous nature, I anxiously await his column's reflecting the mature level of decency and respect to which we, the reader, are entitled.However the program may have fallen short of total perfection, in no way was this justification for the critic's attempt at cleverness as indicated by his caustic comment wondering "if he had survived a concert or the entire Napoleonic Wars." Such sarcasm and smugness cause me to wonder if perhaps the critic should seek employment elsewhere.

For over 50 years I've been involved with music as student, instructor and parent of performers. Please allow my lifetime of musical knowledge and appreciation to convey to the marvelous performers deep appreciation for their truly outstanding program; and to Mr. Reichel my condolences, as you smugly sit perched high upon your pedestal.

Kathryn Ann Mihfeith

Salt Lake City