In the wake of capturing their sixth NBA title, were the Chicago Bulls petulant winners or 12 good guys in search of a party?

Much more the latter, say officials of the Doubletree Hotel, where the Bulls stayed during their two trips to Utah. Although hotel employees asked not to be identified, the consensus is that the Bulls' celebration Sunday night was largely good-natured.And apparently, the Doubletree gets rave reviews from the Bulls, although to no one's surprise they were in a pretty good mood when they left to return to Chicago.

The Bulls' return trip to Utah for Game 6 of the Finals was a logistical challenge for the hotel, which had to find enough rooms for the team's use on the top floors.

During Games 1 and 2, Michael Jordan stayed in the presidential suite, which contained a baby grand piano Jordan enjoyed.

In fact, once it was clear the Bulls would return for Game 6, Jordan said he hoped to get the same room with the piano.

That sent hotel employees Salt Lake scrambling because the presidential suite was already occupied by a VIP meeting planner and his wife, who wouldn't move.

The hotel got Jordan its next-best room, transferred in a piano and had it professionally tuned.

Routinely, the Bulls use code names when they travel. When fans called, switchboard operators told them, "There is no one by that name registered here." The frustrated caller would say, "C'mon, I know he's there!"

Those who knew correct code names for players were connected to the appropriate room.

A surprise Bulls' guest was Carmen Electra of "Baywatch" and MTV fame. The night before Game 6, she dined with Dennis Rodman at Spencer's, the hotel restaurant.

For the most part, the Bulls were accommodating. They were interested in celebrating and didn't seem to mind the fans. They signed a few autographs and complimented Utah fans. They drank some beer, but none of them trashed any rooms or treated any hotel employees badly.

Hotel employees were surprised to learn the Bulls weren't "high maintenance guests," - neither demanding nor difficult. After a lot of good-natured celebrating, they headed for the airport and a late night Chicago flight on their private jet, which been hangered in Los Angeles until after the game.