On June 23, voters in Murray city will decide whether to authorize a $3.4 million bond issue to purchase and refurbish two large stacks within the city. As a longtime resident of Murray city, I am offering 10 good reasons why this bonding proposal is a bad idea and should be defeated.

1. It would require a 14.4 percent increase in Murray city's property tax levy.2. It would place a huge debt on us and the next generation of Murray residents.

3. It would transfer liability for these stacks from a private corporation to the residents of Murray.

4. It would expose Murray residents to future liability claims that easily could total in the millions of dollars.

5. The total cost of retaining the stacks could greatly exceed the present $3.4 million estimate according to some engineers.

6. In addition to the original cost, there would be a substantial maintenance cost if the stacks are obtained by the city and renovated.

7. Because a large buffer zone would be required around the stacks for safety reasons, it would reduce the amount of property in the area that could be developed.

8. Retention of the stacks would reduce the value of the other property in the area that could be developed.

9. It would substantially reduce the amount of taxes that could be obtained from new development in the area.

10. There are far better ways to remember and honor Murray's early mining and smelting history than by retaining these ugly stacks that have long been a dangerous eyesore in the city.

For these and other reasons, I strongly urge Murray residents to come out and vote against the $3.4 million bond issue on June 23. It is your money. Let's ax the stacks.

Allan Witt