As high school students, the news about extending school an hour longer is ludicrous to imagine. The newspaper has run a few articles on this issue in which only the superintendent's views have been expressed. This shows no consideration for the opinions of the students that it will affect. Extending school will just create problems for the students.

In the bustling hours of school, it is hard to try to get through the day as it is. Things will worsen when our nights are filled with more homework. Often we stay up late into the night trying to finish our homework, causing stress and fatigue. If school were to extend, it would cause more homework and less time to complete our assignments. This would make our already stressed lives unbearable. Under these conditions, we could not complete our required work.With this loss of time that we would spend on homework and at school, the moments with family would disintegrate. This is already a problem in society. We would have less time for our social life as well. Even church activities could not proceed as usual because of the busier life we would have to lead. The times of sanity that we claimed after school would disappear. The experience and much needed money from after-school jobs would disappear because of the lack of time to complete them.

Many students are avidly involved in athletics. With an extra hour of school, these activities would practically cease to exist. The time we spend in these sports already reaches into the night, but with the longer day we would get home so late that to try to do our homework after would be impossible. The same goes for many other extracurricular activities. Without the only things that we look forward to in the day, it would be like living in a prison camp.

The superintendent only looks at what would make our schools look better nationally and what would glorify him, with no consideration of what he is supposed to do - represent the students.

Jonathan Gardiner

Alan Faerber

Matthew Spencer