Sometimes the decisions you make can change - even end - the lives of people you've never met.

That's what happens when Susan Chandler, a clinical psychologist, decides to use her radio talk show to explore the disappearance of women who later turn out to have been murdered.She's particularly interested in the disappearance of Regina Clausen, a lonely young financial counselor who vanishes without a trace while on an exotic cruise, leaving behind a mother who is both bewildered and devastated.

The show attracts the attention of several people who contribute tiny pieces to the solution of the puzzle, kicking of a deadly chain of events and capturing the attention of the killer himself. Soon no one's safe and Chandler's own life is very much on the line.

This is a typical Mary Higgins Clark tale, with lots of action, a heroine about whom the reader can care and a plot that consists of a number of twists and turns.

One of Higgins Clark's most interesting features is that she can cover some very bleak and even terrifying ground without ever lapsing into being grotesque or gratuitous in her descriptions.

But "You Belong to Me" is particularly satisfying because she weaves so many characters throughout the story that the reader is guaranteed a surprise ending.

Higgins Clark crafts a tight, seamless story of intrigue and danger that's hard to put down - either literally or critically. Mystery lovers are sure to enjoy it.