Drivers and fairway woods

Sales rankings courtesy Uinta Golf

1. Adams Tight Lies - Pioneered low-profile fairway woods

2. Orlimar Trimetal - Alpha miraging face-copper-tungsten sole weights

3. Callaway War Bird - Venerable performer

4. Taylor Made Burner - New design has lower center of gravity

5. Cobra Baffler LP - Baffler sole with new low-profile head

6. Cobra Offset - Relief from slicing

7. Top-Flite Intimidator 400 - Playability from all lies

8. TiBubble 2 woods - Titanium heads = greater forgiveness

9. Great Big Bertha woods - Long-running favorite

10. Delta Rite-On Utility Woods - Ranges all the way up to 15 wood

Titanium and other space-age materials have dominated driver and fairway wood designs in recent years as golf club manufacturers have sought to build clubs that were lightweight as well as forgiving. New companies are gaining popularity and market share, however, with new fairway wood designs that feature compact heads and low centers of gravity, allowing golfers to hit from a variety of lies. Compactness of the head on these newer designs also puts more mass behind the ball at impact, creating better feel and longer shots. Their lower center of gravity also make it easier to get shots into the air higher and faster.