A Utah federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by former fertility doctor Cecil Jacobson regarding his medical care in prison.

Jacobson, a native of Utah, was convicted of fraud in 1992 in connection with his former clinic in Virginia. Jacobson tricked some patients into believing they were pregnant and lied to others when he used his own sperm to inseminate them, prosecutors alleged. Genetic tests showed he fathered at least 15 of his patients' children.Last year, Jacobson sued the federal government and medical staff from prisons in Texas, Colorado and Nevada, alleging he received substandard care for diabetes and other health problems. He demanded release from prison and damages.

U.S. Magistrate Samuel Alba recommended dismissal of Jacob-son's suit in April, noting none of the defendants were connected to Utah. If Jacobson wants to be released, he must file an attack on his prison conditions with a court in Texas, where he is now being held, Alba said.

U.S. District Judge Dee Benson adopted Alba's recommendations and dismissed Jacobson's suit.