A former Delta woman was sentenced in 4th District Court Tuesday to five years to life in prison for the beating death of her infant daughter two years ago.

Bobbie Widdison, 25, was also sentenced to up to five years in prison on six counts of child abuse. A jury convicted her of abusing and killing her 9-month-old daughter in Feb. 1996.The child's uncle and Bobby Widdison's husband, Travis Widdison, 27, was sentenced to one to five years on three counts of felony child abuse.

The Widdisons have maintained their innocence, denying they harmed tiny Breanna Marie Loveless. Bobbie Widdison claimed the infant apparently bruised herself and cracked her bones when she became wedged between her crib's mattress and bars.

The State Medical Examiner's Office ruled Loveless died from pneumonia, a sickness she was unable to fight because of injuries related to being physically abused. An autopsy revealed she suffered from many fractures and extensive bruising.

Judge Anthony Scofield said he believes the baby was intentionally harmed.

The Widdisons moved from Delta and were later arrested almost simultaneously at two separate locations in the Salt Lake Valley.