With the incumbent county recorder out of the running, newcomers Sheryl L. White and Klea Ann Moon are doing battle in the primary election June 23.

James T. Ashauer, the current recorder, was appointed in March of 1997 to fulfill the unexpired term of Carol Dean Page, who died of a stroke on Feb. 3, 1997. Page had served as recorder for 18 years and her term expires at the end of 1998.However, Ashauer was ousted from the chance for a new term during April's Davis County Republican nominating convention.

Moon, of Fruit Heights, received 54 percent of the nominating convention votes, while White had 46 percent. A 70 percent total was required to avoid a primary.

The winner will advance to the November election, where she will face Democratic candidate Anthony "Tony" Thompson of Clinton.

The choice between White and Moon comes down to in-house experience vs. outside, related experience.

White has 27 years' experience working in the Davis County Recorder's Office. She maintains that direct experience is necessary to know the job. You can't learn it from the outside, she said.

Moon spent 24 years working for a title company that regularly worked with the county Recorder's Office. She believes she'll bring a new perspective to the office.

Klea Ann Moon (R)

Age: 58.

Address: 1206 E. 1010 South, Fruit Heights.

Family: Husband, Bob, is a foreman for Gibbons and Reed Construction. They have two grown daughters, Jenifer and Cynthia. Also have four grandchildren.

Hometown: An almost lifelong resident of Davis County.

Occupation: Loan officer at Barnes Bank.

Education: High school graduate.

Experience: Spent 34 years working for a title company in Davis County. Title companies work closely with the Recorder's Office.

Why she is running for office: Some Davis County residents asked her to run. She believes she has the skills and expertise to make the Recorder's Office better.

Strengths: Her people skills. She's very customer service-oriented.

Goals, if elected: Make customer service the No. 1 goal in the Recorder's Office. Believes there's too much employee turnover in the department. She'll work to raise morale, be a good leader and get co-workers to pull together as a team.

Hobbies: Golf, reading and spending time with her family.

Sheryl L. White (R)

Age: 53.

Address: 161 E. 100 North, Farmington.

Family: Husband, Dennis, is a mason contractor for Smith and White Masonry. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

Hometown: A lifelong resident of Farmington.

Occupation: Chief deputy in the Recorder's Office since 1989. Also served as office manager there for three years. Her total time in the Recorder's Office spans 27 years and has touched every phase of its operation.

Education: High school graduate.

Experience: Believes no schooling can prepare you for the Recorder's Office. You learn things there.

Why she is running for office: She likes working with people.

Strengths: Works well with the public, engineers and title companies. Also knows the ordinances and restrictions of the job. Davis County records go back to 1871 and she said no one knows them better than she.

Goals, if elected: Maintain morale, keep the team-oriented approach going and continue the high level of accuracy in the department. Also wants to continue to be a "working recorder" - something the job has always been.

Hobbies: Camping, travel, the outdoors, handiwork and spending time with her family.