The state superintendent's recommendation that schoolchildren learn two foreign languages seems to be another idiotic idea from outer space where some of our so-called educators seem to dwell. Bean is quoted, "I don't think we should lower our standards." What standards? Those that may still exist were dropped many years ago. It is a sad situation when we have so many high school grads who are unable to read well and cannot do simple arithmetic without a calculator. Educators should get back to the basics and teach students how to read and write. Bean's "dream" of students learning multiple languages sounds more like a nightmare and a ploy to obtain more tax dollars for a dumb idea.

Yes, school standards should be raised by teaching students how to communicate with each other here in the U.S.A. I am in agreement with Boyd Jensen, "Why should we spend a buck on anything else until all the kids speak English well?"Bean, Hurst and Garff, it's time to use some common sense and get back to the real educational needs of our children.

J.K. Lawson