I personally loved the KSL commercial promoting the playoffs and depicting the chihuahua in the rear of Big Dawg's car.

Considering the character of the so-called "poor, picked on Rodman," I think that the commercial was very much in line.Anyone in Utah, Jazz fan or not, who knows anything of Rodman knows that he is totally lacking in class, moral fiber or respect for any individual or group.

Rodman doesn't choose to leave Utah and head for Las Vegas because he's so fond of gambling, or Vegas either, for that matter. He despises the entire state, but more specifically, he despises Mormons, which was made crystal clear in his foul, profane comments during last year's playoffs, while he was in Salt Lake City - or perhaps that has slipped the memory of Kathy Farnes, who so fiercely defends Rodman and his morals (or lack of).

Kathy Farnes claims in her letter that, during last year's playoffs, tears suddenly appeared in the eyes of Rodman when he was asked in an interview whether it bothered him that people in Utah don't like him. Oooh pleeease, Kathy, give us a break.

Dennis Rodman couldn't care less who in Utah, or any other place, likes or despises him. As a matter of fact, he has made no bones about the fact that he thrives on insulting and degrading anyone or anything that represents decency or uplifting values, something of which he knows absolutely nothing.

Granted, he is a top-notch ball player (not to be confused with "team player"), but to say that he is concerned about what people think of him is enough to make the stomach churn.

Kyle D. Smith