A police officer who admitted mailing hundreds of racist and anti-Semitic leaflets to charity groups may be allowed to retire with his pension, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Officer Thomas Pappas, 47, admitted sending the letters for a decade to several groups, including the Mineola Auxiliary Police Department, a volunteer organization on Long Island.For years, the group received letters about a Jewish conspiracy and grotesque caricatures of blacks and Jews every time it mailed out requests for donations.

"Finally, we said that we had to find out who this guy was," said Stuart Goldstein, the group's assistant chief.

Authorities traced the letters to Pappas, and in March, he admitted sending them. Pappas was assigned to desk duty. His case is to be reviewed by an administrative police department judge in two weeks.

Internal police documents showed that department lawyers have offered Pappas, a 16-year veteran, an agreement that would allow him to retire with his pension, the Times said.