Prospective jurors in the Ennis Cosby case must answer whether they can put aside feelings about his famous father.

So far, they've been asked in written questionnaires whether they watch Bill Cosby's shows on television. But the questions were expected to go deeper as the jurors are questioned individually, starting Tuesday.How did they feel when they heard that Ennis Cosby, 27, was found slain Jan. 16, 1997, near a Los Angeles freeway, the apparent victim of a carjacking?

And what have they heard about Mikail Markhasev, the 19-year-old Ukranian immigrant charged with shooting Cosby to death? Did they hear that Markhasev was a reputed gang member with a troubled past?

Those and other questions will be designed to reveal feelings that could prove powerful when jurors enter deliberations.

The key question is whether they can put aside everything they have heard or read and judge the case purely on the evidence presented in court.