The latest in a series of patches designed by the Utah County Commission is out.

A Utah County Fair Patch was previously introduced during the summer of 1997, under the direction of Commissioner Jerry Grover.

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can now earn the new Utah County Trails Patch just by exploring some of the trails in the area and picking up a little litter.Grover announced the new patch Monday, which is designed by director of Community Development Jeff Mendenhall.

The patches are available at the County Commission offices, Suite 2300 in the Utah County Administration building, 100 E. Center in Provo.

Grover is working with the Utah National Parks Council to offer the patches through the scout office's retail facility, as well.

To earn a patch, interested individuals need to hike one, two or four miles of one of the county's trails; identify two or three Utah County trails on a map; identify plants and animals in the area; participate in some service activity in the area of a trail; practice "no trace" hiking; and collect and dispose litter found on the trail.

"The more we can facilitate service projects and promotion of quality youth programs, the better off this community will be," said Grover, who explained the patch provides an opportunity for young people to learn more about what is available in the county.

"The trails network that the county has developed and is continuing to develop is an important part of the overall park and recreation system, and the more community ownership we have the better the system will become," he said.

"Our trails are an essential part of our transportation plan," said Commissioner David Gardner. "The trails will eventually link most of our canyons and provide wonderful opportunities for family recreation," he said.