As a non-Mormon, I was raised in Baptist country in the southern United States. However, I have chosen to live among Mormons for many years, and being somewhat familiar with their doctrine and beliefs, I find it amusing to hear the Baptists define what constitutes being a Christian.

They state they were not in Utah "to evangelize the Mormons but to witness of Jesus to a good but misguided people."According to visiting Baptists, Mormons "are a cult and are not Christian" because they do not believe in what Baptists define as the "biblical trinity and have other scripture than the Bible."

The fallacy of this statement is that Mormons also believe their concept of the godhead is biblical. They believe their religion is the same church that existed anciently, as established by Christ, and their concept of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is based on what was taught in the ancient church rather than originating from the Council of Nicea after Christ.

If what the Mormons believe is true, then the Baptists, by their own definition, are a cult because Mormon belief predates that of the Baptist and would be more biblical than the Baptist, whose origin came during the reformation.

As far as the Mormons' "other scripture," I find it refreshing to find a religion that teaches that God did and still reveals His word through prophets as the Holy Bible teaches. If God speaks through prophets, as Mormons claim, who differs from God's pattern, Mormons or Baptists?

Jesus said "by their fruits ye shall know them." I like what I see and know about my Mormon neighbors, having lived in many parts of this country. Many other non-Mormons, although they may not admit it or recognize the goodness of their Mormon friends, have chosen to live among them because of the family oriented environment they have created.

Baptists, let's "see your light so shine that others may see your good works," rather than worrying about the miraculous growth and the Mormons' evangelizing missionary efforts.

J.P. O'Connor