Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. announced that Delta Air Lines, one of its earliest commercial aviation customers, has ordered visual systems for new full-flight simulators.

E&S will also be helping train would-be motorcycle riders in Japan.E&S visual systems will be integrated into simulators for four Boeing 737 models, and for 767-300 and 777 models in its Atlanta training center.

Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines have ordered a combined total of 21 visual systems for new flight simulators.

In Japan, new laws require applicants for motorcycle licenses to complete training on motorcycle simulators first. Honda Motor Co. Ltd. selected E&S to collaborate on the design and construction of image generators for motorcycle training simulators, and to provide the simulators' visual system as part of a $15 million contract.

E&S has just completed shipment of 300 visual systems to Japan. The components are integrated with motion and sound systems to comprise a complete simulator.

The resulting simulator allows riders to gain experience in dealing with a variety of traffic conditions by realistically simulating both normal and dangerous driving situations. It also improves the riders' awareness and ability to anticipate potential dangers.