Draper city's bean counters had to wonder if they were experiencing budgetary deja vu.

The city's proposed 1998-99 $6.1 million budget is little more than $15,000 higher than last year, with few notable changes in the line-item revenue sources."We figured things were going to be close to the status quo," said Draper budget officer LaMont Smith.

As the city continues to grow, Draper residents can expect corresponding growth at City Hall.

Money has been budgeted to hire the city's first full-time city attorney. In the past, Draper has contracted legal help, but the time is ripe for resident counsel.

"It will be more cost-effective to have an in-house attorney than to travel outside for legal help," Smith said.

Draper also plans to create a full-time "natural resource manager" to advise the city on open space matters. The city requires that all new developments include an open space area.

Years of vigorous homebuilding necessitates a full-time administrator to oversee planning, maintenance and direction and usage of those areas, Smith said.

Much of the city's capital expenditures that form the proposed budget would come from impact fees. Included is the proposed development of the Draper Business Park, about 12300 near I-15, along with some road-widening projects.

Draper also plans to add two new police officers through their ongoing contract with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, Smith said.

The new deputies would be paid, in part, with federal grant dollars. The city is expected to match the grant amounts for the next three years, then assume full payment for the officers.

The city also hopes to complete remodeling of the fire station next month. Although much of that project was funded in past budgets, a few remaining costs will be absorbed in the proposed 1998 budget, Smith said.

And, no, there is no tax increase this year.

The City Council is expected to give final approval to the 1998-99 budget, which takes effect July 1, on June 16.



Budget: Draper

General fund: $6,117,857


General fund: $6,101,979


Where it comes from

Property tax: $854,833

Last year: $724,833

Sales tax: $1,500,000

Last year: $1,426,922

Franchise tax: $529,000

Last year: $522,700

Licenses/permits: $2,088,305

Last year: $2,140,500

Other revenues: $1,145,719

Last year: $1,287,024

Where it goes:

Public safety: $2,136,198

Last year: $1,969,910

Parks and rec.: $367,917

Last year: $240,800

Streets: $937,317

Last year: $849,400

Community dev. $451,458

Last year: $430,500

General operations/transfers: $2,224,967

Last year: $2,611,369

Tax/fee increases: