Picnickers in a future Centerville park may notice a rumbling not coming from their stomachs.

Because of numerous finger faults - small faults branching off a main earthquake fault - a former gravel pit site that had once been planned as a subdivision will now be bought by the city for future development as a park."It's a mutually beneficial agreement," said Centerville City Manager Steve Thacker. "The land is unsuitable for housing, and the city needs more parks."

The purchase of the 9.6-acre land for $195,000 will be finalized July 7. The city will also receive an additional 18 acres of hillside above the future park from the developer, Main Street Developing.

Conceptual drawings for the park have already been rendered, although exact plans remain vague. Most likely, the park will include a picnic area, playground, and a trailhead for the canyon above the park, Thacker said.

Closure of the gravel site occurred in the early 1990s, and the rehabilitation of the area began. But in 1997, the bond which Jack B. Parsons Co. had used for the rehabilitation project expired, and the city never required a renewal despite the work not being com-plet-ed.

After that bond expired, Main Street Developing stepped in to purchase the property. Centerville, seeking a new park site, also inquired, but not until after an agreement had been reached between Main Street and Parsons. So, Main Street agreed to sell to the city.