Game 6 grades and Finals report card.

Shandon Anderson C+

A small factor in Game 6 but played well enough in the Finals that Bulls paid the ultimate compliment by guarding him much of the time with Michael Jordan.

Series: C+

Antoine Carr B

Followed Game 5 heroics with another strong 9-point effort off the bench. Jazz will have all off-season to ponder what more Big Dawg earlier in the series might have meant.

Series: B

Howard Eisley B

His stats (3 points, 3 assists) don't show it, but he turned in a solid effort on Sunday. Despite ups and downs during series, Jazz have to be satisfied with his overall play against NBA's best defense.

Series: C

Greg Foster F

Another quick hook in the finale. Although Jazz likely wouldn't have made it to Finals without him, repeated nonproduction left Jazz coaching staff little choice but to turn elsewhere.

Series: D

Jeff Hornacek A -

Reappeared on the Jazz radar screen for 17 points and 6 rebounds in Game 6. More consistent play throughout the Finals would have extended series and perhaps altered its outcome.

Series: C

Adam Keefe D

No denying he played hard, but in both Game 6 and for the series he failed several times to finish strong.

Series: D

Karl Malone A

Another MVP-worthy line of 31 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. His duel with Jordan on Sunday is the stuff legends are made of. And while you can't lay Sunday's loss at his feet, what a different Finals might it have been had he delivered similar numbers in Games 1-4.

Series: B

Chris Morris C

Played 16 minutes but had little to show for it besides four personal fouls picked up while trying to defend His MVPness. Respectable performances throughout the series, with the exception of the Game 3 debacle.

Series: C

Greg Ostertag I

Put up a DNP in Game 6 on the heels of a two-minute walk-on Friday. Shrinking playing time late in the series, however, wasn't so much his being in the doghouse as it was a reluctance to give him more minutes with so much at stake.

Series: D+

Bryon Russell C+

Can you have a good defensive night when your primary defensive responsibility goes off for 45 points and scores the game-winning bucket with 5.2 seconds remaining against you? Probably not. But against MJ, you get the benefit of the doubt. Question: Why was he out there against Jordan one-on-one with the game hanging in the balance?

Series: C+

John Stockton B

Ready to salvage a mediocre Finals with apparent game-winning 3-pointer with 41.9 left when some guy with a red cape spoils it all. Series performance left many doubts about how many NBA miles he has left.

Series: C+

Jacque Vaughn I

Recorded a DNP with former Jayhawk teammate Greg Ostertag. High point for the series was his going 0-6 in seven minutes in Game 3 blowout.

Series: I