Visitors flocked to view the mysterious Shroud of Turin on Sunday, its last day on public display until the year 2000.

The linen, which many believe had wrapped the body of Jesus after his crucifixion, was open to public viewing in Turin's cathedral on April 18. Some 2.4 million people came to gaze at the cloth.Among the VIPs was Pope John Paul II, who knelt in silent prayer before the bulletproof display case last month. He urged scientists to do more testing of the linen.

In 1988, scientists concluded the 14-foot-long, 31/2-foot-wide shroud dated to the 13th or 14th century, a claim other experts have disputed.

The scientists who dated the shroud have admitted they couldn't explain how the image on the linen - a man with wounds similar to those suffered by Christ - was formed.

The shroud will be back on display as part of Holy Year celebrations.