Brian Williams came to Chicago in 1997 just to get a cheap ring. His finger was sized, the Bulls won the title and Williams ran away from Chicago like Barry Sanders.

He landed in Detroit, where he spent the season as the starting center on a mediocre Piston team. Instead of running with the best team in the land, which he had an opportunity to do when the Bulls offered him a contract, Williams took the money. And now he's sitting, while his old team is trying to win yet another NBA Title.For the season, Williams put up good numbers, scoring 16 and hauling down nine boards a game, but Detroit only finished with a 37-45 record. Williams insists he's still happy with his decision, but with all the smoke Williams has blown over the years, who knows what the man really thinks?

Stephen Howard was in the complete opposite situation as Williams. He didn't really help the Jazz win much and wasn't offered a contract extension after last year. He went to Seattle, but only played in 13 games as a multitude of injuries sidelined the power forward virtually the entire year.

Howard averaged 1.9 points and .9 rebounds in barely four minutes of play. The good thing is, at least he was paid for it all.