Game 5 report card and tonight's prospectus.

Shandon Anderson C+

Bulls had Jordan pound Anderson into submission most of the times he tried to post up, but he still managed to make some shots. If nothing else, he kept Bulls from inserting dreaded Jud Buechler into lineup.

Series: B

Antoine Carr A

Finally unleashed, the Big Dawg responded with a performance that was second only to Karl Malone's in influencing the outcome of Game 5. Question is, if he's called on to play more minutes, will those legs hold up?

Series: C+

Howard Eisley F

The deeper the Jazz get into the series, the worse Eisley looks. He totaled zero points, zero assists and five turnovers in 11 minutes. When he comes onto the court, the Bulls' eyes light up. If he plays more than six minutes in Game 6, Utah is in trouble.

Series: D+

Greg Foster D -

Six-minute non-factor. Sloan's discovery of Carr probably finishes Foster for the series.

Series: D

Jeff Hornacek D

Couldn't get a shot off, much less make them when he did. Clanged two almost-critical free throws down the stretch. Did work his shorts off on defense.

Series: D

Adam Keefe D

Grade might be worse, or better, if Sloan didn't have this knee-jerk idea that any starter who gets two fouls in the first quarter has to be yanked. Who cares if Keefe gets two fouls? He's not going to play the fourth quarter anyway.

Series: D+

Karl Malone A+

It took nearly a week of merciless criticism, but the Mailman finally got annoyed and put that phony Dennis Rodman in his place. He needs another couple strong games to pull his series grade up to where it should be.

Series: C

Chris Morris D

Played 17 minutes and took one shot? Who does he think he is, Adam Keefe? Put the ball in the hoop, C-MO.

Series: C

Greg Ostertag F

Played (using the term loosely) two minutes.

Series: C+

Bryon Russell B -

He can be forgiven for not scoring, considering his thankless task is to chase around that tongue-waving, every-call-getting Jordan character. Still, he's passing up some shots he should take.

Series: C+

John Stockton B

Somebody find the junior-high coach who told this guy not to shoot and slap him around. Get selfish, John. Had 12 assists and five steals to go with his paltry six points.

Series: C+

Jacque Vaughn I

Jacque, we hardly knew ye.

Series: I

- Richard Evans