Ever since the spinmeisters stole that first (only?) light-rail election from us, some victims have continued to rail against that whole misguided federal project, mostly in vain. Bad as it was to begin with, "lie trail" turned worse when it was routed up our once-elegant Main Street. "They" heard our anguished cries that the decision would destroy downtown; "they" ignored those cries.

Now surviving Main Street businesses report 30 percent less income during track-laying. A lawsuit seeking recompense was doomed even before filing. Why? There's no money for such frivolity. Why not? It's now clear that Main Street has been deliberately sacrificed to that other federal boondoggle, Gateway. There's money from our apparently bottomless pockets to provide tax benefits for new businesses in Gateway (after all, "promises were made") but nary a dime to restore Main Street to its former centrality.Face it, the White House has taken over our city. His/her excuse? Utahns don't take time to think things through anymore or we might lose big money from Uncle Sam to stage 17 days of fun and games for the handful of locals who can afford tickets. Who's the United States' right hand? The IOC, aerobics arm of the United Nations.

Some of us can remember when Salt Lake City belonged to us. We even rode electric "dinkies" up and down Main Street when it was wide enough and truly "beautified" enough to accommodate tracks, traffic and trade. If we don't somehow stop all this nonsense, we'll face the dismal prospect of riding "Corra-dinky to Oblivion" via Gateway-gate.

Paul Cracroft

Salt Lake City