Rand E. Oertle (Why I'm not a Democrat, June 3) needs to be straightened out. First of all, Pres. Clinton is not the Democratic Party, and everything he does, alleged or otherwise, cannot be laid on every Democrat.

Mr. Oertle, do you live in Utah? How can you single out Democrats as the big spenders? It is true, both parties have made mistakes. But I'm proud of some things on which the Democrats have spent our tax money. Medicare is a Democratic project. Originally, Republicans condemned it as "socialized medicine." Now they want to save it. I congratulate the Republicans for coming around.The gay and abortion issues cut across party lines. Those who stand up for equal rights for gays, Democrats and Republicans, are not endorsing gayness. They are saying that government has no business regulating our private lives. Republicans and Democrats who oppose anti-abortion laws do not favor elective abortions.

Mr. Oertle calls Democrats crybabies when they cry "unfair." Well, I'm going to be a crybaby. Justice Clarence Thomas has been accused of some things alleged to Pres. Clinton. I'm not saying he's guilty. I'm saying, it's not fair that one should be investigated and not the other. Come on, I'm serious. How about investigating Justice Thomas?

Mr. Oertle needs a whole lot more straightening out, but the paper won't give me that much space. Let's hear it from some more crybabies. The more whining, the better.

Leon Johnson

Salt Lake City