Having read Bob Bernick's article, "Libertarian seeks state House seat" (Deseret News, June 8, page A8), we as leaders of the GrassRoots organization feel a need to correct certain misconceptions and/or misinformation regarding GrassRoots.

The article says, Rep. Susan "Koehn said Grass Roots leaders confronted her at the start of the 1998 Legislature `and told me they were going to find someone to run against me' within the Republican Party." None of us ever confronted Ms. Koehn in this manner. GrassRoots never tried to recruit anybody to run against her, or any other member of the Legislature. If any member of GrassRoots confronted her in this manner, then they spoke for themselves, and not for GrassRoots. For the record, assuming Ms. Koehn was quoted correctly, she should clarify exactly who these "GrassRoots leaders" were.Rep. Koehn is also quoted as saying, "One reason . . . GrassRoots oppose

sT me is because I voted to allocate $400,000 to the Davis County Convention Center." It is true that GrassRoots opposes the allocation of tax dollars for the Davis County Convention Center. But GrassRoots does not oppose Ms. Koehn.

GrassRoots does not recruit, support, endorse or oppose candidates. GrassRoots simply reports on our legislators' voting records and other official conduct. And we also cast our judgment as to whether certain votes are friendly either to limited government or to big, intrusive government. (On this year's report card, it happens that we rated Rep. Koehn as 22 percent friendly to limited government.) There is a great need for concerned citizens to be aware of their elected officials' conduct. We hope that our readers find our report card to be helpful and informative, whether or not they happen to agree with all of our positions.

Charles E. Bradford

President, GrassRoots


J. Reese Hunter

Vice president, GrassRoots

Salt Lake City

Steven Stromness

Executive director, GrassRoots