The felony bail-jumping charge against white supremacist John Bangerter has been dismissed by a 5th District judge because of lack of evidence.

Judge G. Rand Beacham ruled Friday that Bangerter was never properly notified of his sentencing on charges of carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle, failure to respond to an officer and driving on a suspended license in January 1997.When Bangerter failed to appear at his sentencing last August, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Bangerter ignored the warrant and a nine-month standoff began with law-enforcement officials in Washington County, ending with his arrest last month in St. George.

Bangerter's attorney, Jim Scarth, said Monday that prosecutors failed to prove that Bangerter was notified of when he had to appear for sen-tenc-ing.

Bangerter is scheduled to be sentenced on the other charges June 17.