Taylorsville city, Taylorsville city, how does your garden grow?

And where? And who is growing it? And what does it take to get involved in this new communal garden gig, anyway?The answers:

- Fairly well, thank you.

- On a plot of city-owned land at 815 W. 4500 South.

- Any interested Taylorsville resident.

- Twenty bucks a year gets you a 5-foot by 20-foot plot for the year, and that covers your water, seeds, fertilizer and some helpful instruction.

No experience required. Any Green Thumb wannabe is welcome to dig in. And a little time and elbow grease is sure to repay your $20 investment with a small harvest of fresh fruit and veggies.

Some plots are still available for the summer growing season.

Don't get the idea this is one of those spacey "hippie commune" gardening deals, either.

The city's communal garden effort is a showcase project of the Taylorsville Community Garden Club and its president, Laura Zurligen. It's so mainstream the program is even co-sponsored by Eagle Hardware.

And it's a good way to grow some grub, meet new friends, teach your kids how to swing a hoe and improve your own agricultural know-how at the same time.

There are relatively few rules, but you do have to provide your own tools and you need to make a firm commitment for the entire season. The $20 fee is not refundable.

Several families can work a single plot if they choose.