After a drum roll, Snow College graduate Sarah Bylund said, "Here's the number one way you can tell you are in Ephraim: It's virtually impossible to be on campus and not get a smile from a friend or have a professor call you by name."

Bylund, along with 920 other students, graduated Saturday morning from Snow College before a filled-beyond-capacity auditorium of friends and family.To close the commencement exercises, Bylund presented her classmates with a top 10 list to determine if they are in Ephraim.

No. 3 on Bylund's list was, "The first stoplight is installed only to have an exciting article in the school newspaper on `how to use a stoplight correctly.' I'm sure every one of you will remember your time here at Snow," she said.

Valedictorian Jonathan Wade Snarr told the graduates to remember to fly.

"We are now on our journey to other destinations. Remember that the basis of it all started here at Snow College, here where we first learned to pilot."

As graduates leave Snow College, Salutatorian Cody Ray Braithwaite said they will take with them memories, knowledge and experience, which will lead to success.

He described success by quoting Bulls star Michael Jordan, "Success isn't something you chase. It's something you have to put forth the effort for constantly."

"I think, with his six championship rings, he might know something about the subject," he said.

Braithwaite presented his class with the word "ACT" to help them achieve success and make dreams become realities.

"ACT" is an acronym for three words - attitude, commitment and talents, he said.

"Our attitudes effect the way the world sees us as well as the way we see the world," he said. " `C' stands for commitment, a commitment to quality and excellence."

Braithwaite warned graduates to not just settle for "pretty good." He told a Charles Osgood story in which the main character always settled for "pretty good" and in learned that "if you want to be great, pretty good is, in fact, pretty bad."

Finally, he said "T" represents natural or developed talents.

"We all have something that we do better than anyone else," he said. "Our job is to find our talents."

As part of the ceremony, Ferral D. and Gyann Huntsman, of Richfield, were awarded honorary Snow College degrees for service in the community and at Snow College.