Use the ordinary to make extraordinary presents for Dad on Father's Day. With some supervision from Mom or another adult, school-age kids will have fun making greetings and gifts from nontraditional materials that Dad can use and display at his desk or workplace.

Musical clock

Wondering what to do with music or computer CDs you don't use anymore? Or the promotional CDs that come in the mail to advertise a product or event? Don't toss them out. Instead, turn them into a cool clock.

Cover the label of the CD with a piece of poster board or construction paper cut to size. Glue in place. On the front of the CD, arrange parts from the inside of an old transistor radio to creat the face of a clock. Different shapes and sizes can represent the numbers 1 to 12. Choose a specific shape for hours of 3, 6, 9 and 12. Smaller parts in various colors can be arranged evenly between them to complete the face. Glue them in place with strong nontoxic glue. Purchase a quartz battery-operated clock mechanism (available at craft stores) and insert through the center hole of the CD.

"Musical" greeting

Cover the label side of another CD as described above. Drill two small holes 2 inches apart at the top front. Twist colored electrical wire through the holes for an attractive hanger. Use permanent markers or paint pens to write a greeting directly on the front of the CD.

Photo frame

Transform a plastic CD storage case into a handsome frame for Dad's desk. Cut two sheets of construction paper to fit into both sections of the interior of the case. Glue in place. Mount photos on the construction paper.

Use permanent markers or paint pens to write a greeting directly on the front of the case. Tie with a decorative ribbon.