Ryan, 7, born on Sept. 11, 1990, likes to play with Legos, go to McDonald's and play soccer.

He is eager to have a family of his own but he does have some criteria. He told his social worker he wants a family who is "nice," has a cat and a fireplace. He is an affectionate child who enjoys giving hugs to people he knows.Ryan's intelligence test scores are in the borderline range and he is about two grades behind in school. He is functioning at the preschool level and is working on learning the alphabet, sounds and letters. He receives speech therapy weekly and takes medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Due to abuse, Ryan has been in foster care since the spring 1996. He has lived in a residential treatment center for the past year where he gets the structure and therapeutic environment he needs. Ryan tends to be depressed, impulsive and has difficulty interacting with other children his age.

It would be best if Ryan were the youngest child in his adoptive family. Two-parent and single-parent families will be considered. Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption are available.