Game 6: June 13, 1997

Bulls 90, Jazz 86

The Bulls wrapped up their fifth title of the '90s by doing what they had done throughout the series - they shut the Jazz offense down in the fourth quarter.

Utah led 70-64 after the third but only managed 16 points against a swarming Chicago defense. Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr did the rest.

With the game tied at 86 and less than 30 seconds to play, everyone in the United Center (including the Jazz) assumed Jordan would take the series' biggest shot. So Utah sent a double team at him, trying to force him into a tougher shot. Jordan, however, was smarter than that.

Instead of forcing up an off-balance jumper, Jordan instead found Kerr all alone at the top of the key. Kerr's 18-footer hit nothing but net with only five ticks on the clock.

After a timeout, Bryon Russell's inbounds pass was picked off by Scottie Pippen, who then lofted a pass to a streaking Toni Kukoc for a dunk, just beating the buzzer. Series over.

Utah was once again its own worst enemy as it continually failed to convert gimme buckets. Shandon Anderson missed three layups in the final minutes, and the Jazz uncharacteristically hurt themselves with foolish turnovers.

Jazz top scorer: Karl Malone, 21

Bulls top scorer: Michael Jordan, 39