The two young fast-food workers who organized the first known strike against McDonald's have been fired for allegedly threatening a restaurant manager and blocking an exit.

Jamal Nickens, 20, and Bryan Drapp, 19, were dismissed Thursday and banned from the McDonald's outlet in the Cleveland suburb of Macedonia following a stormy meeting with owner Jed Greene.Nickens and Drapp were asked to leave the store Tuesday after they came to work with the words "Go Union" and "Union" painted on their faces.

When restaurant manager Gregg Dalton started taking pictures of the workers' faces, Drapp demanded the film and allegedly said he would break the camera over Dalton's head, according to a police report.

Nickens then blocked one of the store's doors and refused to let anyone in or out, Greene said. The two workers left after police were called. No charges were filed.

Nickens and Drapp said they plan to file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board to protest their dismissals. They said Greene did not explain why he was firing them.

"They didn't go over the reasons, they just did it," Drapp said. "We feel they fired us because we were involved in trying to unionize the store."

About 20 employees, nearly all of them high school or college students, went on a five-day strike in April claiming that supervisors yelled and swore at them and new employees got higher pay than veterans.