Nancy J. Woodside missed her first deadline for financial disclosure with Utah County, but county officials say it wasn't her fault.

Donna Mitchell, filing officer for the elections office, said Woodside, a Democratic candidate for County Commission Seat B, wasn't given the documents she should have received when she filed.Mitchell said it was a misunderstanding over whether a candidate unopposed in the primary should have to file all of the disclosure statements.

As soon as Woodside was informed about the problem and after finding herself in a newspaper story reporting the fact that it's a class C misdemeanor to miss a filing deadline, she submitted the paperwork.

The filing deadline was 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 9. Woodside filed Wednesday.

Woodside said she was embarrassed and upset to read about herself in a negative context when she'd done nothing wrong.

"I'm not a primary candidate," said Woodside. "State law says you have to file by two days prior to the election and again within 20 days following. It says nothing about the primary election.

"It was a misunderstanding, but I was the one who got caught in the crash."

Her statement showed she has spent $529.85 so far in her campaign for the seat currently held by David Gardner.

Gardner has spent $10,161.22 but is outstripped by his Republican opponent, Hans Verlan Andersen, by nearly $5,000.

Andersen is the big spender so far in the 1998 campaign activity, showing a personal investment of $12,000.

Richard Mack, Republican candidate for sheriff, has spent $14,993.47 while the incumbent, David Bateman has spent only $2,655.66.

Candidates who've already lost, spent more than Bateman. Doug Whitney, former Republican candidate for the sheriff's post, spent $4,005.07.

Richard Dougan, former Republican candidate for Commission Seat B, spent $1,000 and Daniel Grey, who unsuccessfully ran against incumbent Commissioner Jerry D. Grover, listed only the filing fee.

George Alexanderson, Democratic candidate for the sheriff's office, showed expenditures of $267.46.