OK, people. Somewhere in the vicinity of Fashion Place Mall . . . well, 155 East and 6100 South to be exact . . . lies the Rhino Grille.

A restaurant with more than just a creative menu, the Rhino Grille is quickly becoming a hot new jazz club. Though the Grille has primarily marketed itself as a hip lunch and dinner getaway, it also spotlights some of Utah's best jazz artists.Here's the lowdown on the Rhino Grille:

- Beautiful atmosphere. You feel just a tad closer to a jungle paradise.

- Excellent menu and specials. We suggest the warm goat cheese appetizer - however, it is a bit pricy for our twentysomething age group.

- Friendly service and management.

- And finally, classical guitar music every Wednesday and live jazz Thursday through Saturday evenings.

Since we're all about music on the nightlife scene, here we go. The Rhino Grille has courted some awesome jazz groups to play at the venue regularly. Even the pickiest connoisseur of fine jazz licks will enjoy the Tempo Timers, the Jazz Bros, and especially the Donna Smith Quartet, just to name a few.

And though the Grille is closed Sundays, it may add Monday and Tuesday performances to round out its musical week.

An ideal spot to see live music, the Rhino Grille's spaciousness allows patrons their privacy while somehow maintaining an intimate setting for those who just want to be close to the music.

To put it simply, you're not deaf when you leave, but you haven't missed a note either. If you're not interested in music, it certainly won't bother you, and if you are, you'll be wowed.

The Grille is perfect for business lunches, romantic evening dinners, yadda yadda yadda.

Twentysomethings accustomed to the ambience (or lack thereof) of Bar X or the Twilite Lounge will feel like they have just taken that crucial step closer to adulthood upon entering. Those beginning their prom evening in style may feel the whole experience is a bit over their heads. The business crowd will feel right at home. Tux or jeans, any patron should fit in comfortably.

We suggest that those of you who never venture into the big bad world outside of Gastronomy establishments should jump in your car, head straight away from the downtown construction and brace yourselves for an elegant safari at the Rhino Grille.

The Tempo Timers have a standing Thursday night engagement, Sam Bevan will play this Friday and the Jazz Bros. will spice up the evening Saturday.

You'll be sure to enjoy!