A man who lost control of an armored truck on a rural highway was killed as the truck he was driving tumbled down an embankment, scattering cash over a field.

"It turned over four times, and each time more money spilled out," said Highway Patrol Trooper Russell Humphreys. "There were 100s, 50s, 20s, 10s, dollar bills and coins."George Maurice Blanchard, 49, of Nashville, lost control of the truck on the highway 38 miles south of Nashville Thursday afternoon. The truck struck a post, which ripped off the side of the vehicle, Humphreys said.

About 10 officers recovered as much money as they could find, but Humphreys did not know how much cash was involved. There were a few onlookers, and none tried to pocket the money, he said.

Blanchard died from injuries suffered in the rollover.

Investigators do not believe speeding contributed to the crash. They were still trying to determine why Blanchard lost control.