Birth & Family Place -

LASSITER, Dani and Chad, Herriman, boy, May 6

MAXWELL, Olivia and David, Salt Lake City, boy, May 8

SCAVEZZE, Chrissy and Chrissy, Herriman, boy, May 6

Lakeview Hospital -

BARLOW, Candy and Les, Woods Cross, boy, April 20

COTTLE, Janel and Ace, Salt Lake City, boy, April 20

ERTMANN, Kjersti and Jay, Bountiful, girl, April 29

GOVE, Angela and Sean, Layton, boy, April 21

HUGHES, Samantha and GREEN, Travis, Farmington, boy, April 17

HURST, Jamie and Eric, Bountiful, boy, April 27

RAMOS, Erika and Jossue, Woods Cross, boy, April 24

RODRIGUEZ, Jennifer and Jose, Bountiful, girl, April 20

SHEPARD, Danelle and Adam, Bountiful, boy, April 19

VALENTINE, Brandalyn and Abe, Bountiful, boy, April 23

WALTERS, Jennifer and Ryan, Woods Cross, boy, April 16

Ogden Regional Medical Center -

BARROW, Lisa and Joel Clare, Layton, boy, May 6

BOREN, Kelly Marie and Joshua Kenneth, Ogden, boy, May 4

CHRISTENSEN, Tiffany Marie and Jeffrey Gene, Clinton, boy, May 9

DAVIS, Michelle and Michael LeRoy, Kaysville, boy, May 4

FERRIN, Tonya Marie and Kelly Allen, Roy, girl, May 5

GREY, Seandia Lee, Clearfield, girl, May 2

HARROP, Brittnii Sharadee and Clay Junior, Clearfield, boy, May 8

HILL, Monica Yvonee and Kyle Brandon, North Ogden, boy, May 6

KAY, Natalie Ann and Jeffrey Jon, Riverdale, girl, May 2

KNUDSON, Carrie Ann and Robert Craig, Clearfield, boy, May 4

KOFOED, Katherine Marie and Bryson Donald, Ogden, boy, May 8

KOREN, Melissa and KELLER, Richard Joseph, Sunset, boy, May 3

LOPSHIRE, April M. and Travis K., Huntsville, boy, May 4

MACARI, Heather L. and Randall R., Hooper (Weber), girl, May 2

MARTINEZ, Lynnelle Marie and Michael Leroy, Ogden, girl, May 6

MCBRAYER, Laura Ann and Roger James, Layton, girl, May 6

MCLEAN, Mallory Ann and Matthew Roland, Ogden, boy, May 5

MILES, Kriste Ruth and Brandt Dee, Syracuse, girl, May 5

MORI, Rachel LaRee and Eduardo Hiroyuki, Riverdale, boy, May 3

MORRELL, Candice Nicole and Adam Mathoni, Holladay/Cottonwood, boy, May 4

PINEDA, Claudia and Ivan Alexis, Clinton, boy, May 8

ROGERS, Stacie Ann and David Heath, Syracuse, girl, May 3

SHELTON, Shawna Renee and Michael Scott, Ogden, boy, May 7

SUGDEN, Patricia Nondas and Tyler Jason, Roy, boy, May 5

TANNER, Samantha Rae and Ryan Robert, South Ogden, boy, May 7

THURGOOD, Jennifer Margie and Brock Evans, South Ogden, boy, April 21

St. Mark's Hospital -

ADAIR LEVESQUE, Valerie and Steven Jesse, Bluffdale, boy, May 6

BASALDUA, Sara and Amado, Salt Lake City, boy, May 9

BENTON, Barbara J. and PRICE, Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4

CARLISLE, Joy and Dan, Alpine, girl, May 8

CASE, Ginny and MADSEN, Steve, Salt Lake City, girl, May 10

CASSAR-FREUND, Ashley and Edward, Salt Lake City, boy, April 27

CHRISTENSEN, Mindy and Coray, Sandy, girl, April 28

CLARK, Natalie and Spencer, West Valley City, girl, April 28

CRAYK, Jessica and Cameron, Sandy, boy, May 3

CREAMER, Diane and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, May 5

CREAMER, Diane and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, May 5

FOUSE, Kristi and Brian, South Salt Lake, boy, May 5

FRY, Jessica and Brandon, Holladay, girl, April 27

GAILEY, Lorna and Rob, Herriman, boy, May 6

GALLEGOS, Monique and Albert D., Salt Lake City, boy, May 3

GLAD, Hilary K. and Brittan A., Salt Lake City, girl, May 1

GORDON, Summer and Dennis, Riverton, girl, April 29

HADDOCK, Ruby and James, Sandy, boy, April 25

HANCOCK, April Kathrine, Brigham City, boy, April 27

HANSEN, Jodi L. and BARTHOLOMEW, Patrick J., Salt Lake City, boy, April 27

HERMAN, Loreen and COLEMAN, Anthony, Holladay, girl, May 8

HESS, Danielle and Nathan, Tooele, boy, April 30

HOWARD, Amber and John, Cedar Hills, girl, April 27

HOWARD, Rowena Lila and Paul Moroni, West Valley City, girl, May 4

JORGENSEN, Amber and Brett, Draper, boy, May 2

KIDD PEREZA, Jodi and Jesus, Taylorsville, boy, May 2

KING, Amy and SPERRY, Brad, Salt Lake City, boy, May 9

KINNICK, Jessica and LOPEZ, Jessie, West Jordan, boy, May 5

KINNICK, Jessica and David, West Jordan, boy, May 5

LAMB, Sara and Jason, Sandy, girl, May 2

LAMBROSE, Robin and COUSERT, Glen, West Valley City, girl, May 5

LEAVENWORTH, Edie and Carter, Salt Lake City, boy, May 1

LEONARD, Pamela and Joseph, West Valley City, boy, May 8

LEVAO, Bernadine and Toleafoa, West Valley City, girl, May 4

LOPEZ, Jessica and Jessie, West Jordan, boy, May 5

LUJAN, Kelle and Ryan, Salt Lake City, girl, April 29

MARSH, Joie and Jack, South Jordan, girl, May 7

MARTINEZ, Xela Dawn and Ernie Johnny, Sandy, girl, April 26

MASCARENAS, Rachel and Ken, Kearns, girl, April 25

MAYER, Amy and Daryl, Elko, girl, May 7

MCINTYRE JACQUIN, Mary Lee and Kenneth, Park City, girl, May 7

MCNEELY, Kerrie and Cory, Park City, girl, April 27

NAYLOR, Rebecca and DELLI, J.P., West Jordan, girl, May 5

NAYLOR, Sharla and Ryan, West JOrdan, boy, May 9

PADDOCK, Amanda and COFFIN, James, Salt Lake City, boy, April 29

PARKHURST, Michelle J. and Jeffrey S., Murray, boy, May 11

PERKINS, Heidi and Daniel, Sandy, boy, May 5

PINEDA, Sylvia and Ricardo, Sandy, boy, May 3

RAMIREZ, M. Adriana and TULE, Mario, Salt Lake City, boy, May 6

ROSSITER, Patricia and Shawn, Salt Lake City, girl, May 4

SAUNDERS, Jessica and William, West Jordan, girl, May 9

SCHEIDT, Lisa and Darren, West Jordan, boy, May 7

SCHOLL, Laura and Keith, Kearns, boy, May 1

SHEIDE BUECHNER, Michelle and Eric William, Lehi, girl, May 10

SILVA, Angie and John, Salt Lake City, girl, May 10

SLABAUGH, Vanessa and FLYTHE, Jason, Riverton, boy, May 4

SMART, Jerusha and Jared, Sandy, girl, May 2

SMART, Kara and Matt, Tooele, boy, May 2

SPEIRS, Melanie and Thomas Russell, West Valley City, girl, May 9

SPENCER, Kerry and Stephen, West Jordan, girl, May 2

STANWORTH, Erica and Jeff, West Jordan, boy, May 8

SULLIVAN, Dixie and Darin, Midvale, girl, April 28

TANNER, Melanie and Shane, Draper, boy, May 8

TAYLOR HASTINGS, Angela and Daniel, West Jordan, girl, May 2

VELASQUEZ, Jenny R. and ORTIZ, David, Salt Lake City, girl, April 29

WARNER, Nicole and Jason, West Valley City, girl, April 28

WHITE, Lauralee and Todd, West Jordan, boy, April 28