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The "Civil War" brewing in the Marvel Comics world pits Captain America, left, and his followers against Iron Man and his followers.

As the "Infinite Crisis" in the DC Comics world winds down and reshapes that superhero land forever, competing Marvel Comics is preparing to launch a "Civil War" battleground series that will span more than 80 comic books between now and November.

"Whose side are you on?" is how Marvel is selling it. "Some feel all who wear a mask and carry out their own brand of justice should answer to someone," it states in an introductory, "Opening Shot Sketchbook," now available. "They should be trained, organized, registered. Others feel they must maintain their secret identities. They must remain untouchable. The rift is growing wider. . . ."

This philosophy is what separates groups of super-heroes into a "Civil War."

It appears from this sketchbook that Iron Man is leading one side of the battle and Captain America the other.

However, Wolverine believes there is a villain responsible for setting off this "Civil War" and his quest is to find and punish him. Yet, Wolverine also finds another hero bent on revenge for a different reason, and these two clash before even getting to their vendetta.

She-Hulk is being billed as a hero in the "Civil War" who finds herself on both sides of the battle. Spider-Man, too, is said to be "changed in ways none of them (the other superheroes) can prepare for!"

There are also apparently two normal people, Sally Floyd and Ben Urich, who embed themselves in opposing camps of this war. What will they discover as they report on the conflict?

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While DC's "Crisis" involved parallel Earths and outer-space action, Marvel has chosen to focus on superhero philosophy and secrets in this battle — personal safety and liberties vs. national security and the law. "This is war. Callous actions will tear families and friendships apart. Loved ones will be put at risk. True villains will go unchecked. How many will fall before this is settled?"

The current "New" Avengers group will disband and then reform as separate Avengers factions.

The "Civil War" introduction is over in May, when issue No. 1 of the seven-part "Civil War" series premieres and action escalates. Then, there will be one issue a month until the climax in November.

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