The National Association of Hispanic Publications gave Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson a Presidential Award on Saturday during the group's annual banquet in Las Vegas.

Anderson drew the association's attention for his advocacy for Utah Hispanics, including opposing English-only laws, supporting immigrant rights in an airport raid in 2001 and opposing deputizing police officers as agents for Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1997. In the federal raid at Salt Lake City International Airport, some 271 workers who were accused of lying on their job applications lost their jobs and 69 were jailed, most of them for Social Security and immigration violations.

Anderson urged immigration reform in his acceptance speech.

"We need not allow others to put us on the defensive as we strive for greater economic and social justice," he said Saturday. "History will condemn those who strive to polarize our country, to turn hard-working people into scapegoats, or use insidious rhetoric to undermine workable, humane policy solutions."