It's not so much that the Murray City Council wants to behead the messenger.

But council members say they would appreciate it if Mayor Dan Snarr would cut back on the size of his message.Drastically.

It seems the mayor and his chief of staff, D`Arcy Dixon Pignanelli, have been putting 12 hours a week into compiling a detailed report on the city's operation for delivery to the council every week.

But it's too much of a good thing, council members complained.

They would prefer the Reader's Digest Condensed Edition.

Heck, they'd even settle for the Classics Illustrated version.

But this "War and Peace" thing has gotta go.

Truth be known, Snarr was only responding to a request from council members earlier in the year to keep them better informed of the developments in city government.

Snarr said the preparing the reports has been a lot of work and added he'd be happy to shorten them, leaving the writing of literary epics to folks like Tolstoy and Tolkein.

Councilman John Rush brought up the issue, noting there had been a "dearth" of communication when the mayor first took office.

"But now we have a surplus," he said. "It really doesn't have a lot of value to me."

Council chairman Leon Robertson observed that Snarr has too much to do to spend 12 hours a week on his council message.

"Maybe you could send us a couple of memos" as needed, Robertson suggested.

Councilman Gary Ferrero told the mayor he would "like to get less bulk and more overview."