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"Ice Age: Super-Cool Edition," is now available on DVD and is fun for children and parents.
Here are some family-friendly DVDs — led by three double-disc, special-edition reissues — that arrive in stores on Tuesday.

"Ice Age: Super-Cool Edition" (Fox, 2002, PG, $19.98, two discs). That zany little squirrel-rat creature in "Ice Age" is still the highlight for me, but the film is an enjoyable ride, one of the better animated features of the past few years.

The "Ice Age" plot has a woolly mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano), a silly sloth (John Leguizamo) and a sabre-tooth tiger (Denis Leary) trying to help a human baby get back to its tribe. But plot doesn't matter as much as the wit and inventive humor at work here. Fun for kids and parents.

Extras: Widescreen/full frame, audio commentary, deleted scenes (can also be played within the film), making-of featurettes, animated shorts, HBO TV special, interactive games/featurettes, promos, trailers, language options (English, Spanish, French), subtitle options (English, Spanish); DVD-Rom applications.

"Anastasia: Family Fun Edition" (Fox, 1997, G, $19.98, two discs). Former Utahn Don Bluth and his partner Gary Goldman ("The Secret of NIMH," "The Land Before Time") co-directed this animated musical adaptation, a more fanciful version of the story of the amnesiac princess who teams up with con artists to impersonate, um, herself. Enjoyable family fare voiced by an all-star cast, led by Meg Ryan and John Cusack. Disc 2 includes the amusing made-for-video sequel "Bartok the Magnificent."

Extras: Widescreen ("Anastasia"), full frame ("Bartok"), audio commentary (by Bluth, producer Gary Goldman), making-of featurettes, music video, interactive games, language options (English, Spanish, French), chapters.

"Ferngully . . . The Last Rainforest: Family Fun Edition" (Fox, 1992, G, $19.98, two discs). This politically correct animated fantasy about fairies, tree spirits and other creatures endangered by humans cutting into their rain forest gets a big boost from Robin Williams, ad-libbing outrageously as a looney bat. Most enjoyable.

Extras: Widescreen/full frame, audio commentaries, making-of featurettes, music video, vintage featurette, interactive games, trailers, language options (English, Spanish, French), subtitle options (English, Spanish), chapters.

"The Thief Lord" (Fox, 2006, PG, not rated, $19.98, one double-sided disc). Two young orphaned brothers team up with a band of thieving kids to survive on the streets in this live-action adventure. Eventually they come across an enchanted merry-go-round. Vanessa Redgrave has a supporting role.

Extras: Widescreen/full frame, deleted scenes, trailers, subtitle options (English, Spanish), chapters.

"Rusty: The Great Rescue" (Fox, 1998, G, $14.98). Talking pooches highlight this silly movie aimed at small fry, as scheming relatives (Laraine Newman, Charles Fleischer) try to take two young children from an elderly couple (Hal Holbrook, Rue McClanahan). Strictly for kids.

Extras: Full frame, language/subtitle options (English, Spanish), chapters.

"Five Weeks in a Balloon" (Fox, 1962, PG, $14.98, one double-sided disc). 1960s adaptation of Jules Verne story is sort of a juvenile "Around the World in 80 Days." British inventor (Cedric Hardwicke) races in his airborne vehicle, a sailing ship (with a unicorn at the bow) held aloft by a hot-air balloon, picking up various folk along the way — Fabian at the helm (he also sings the title song a few too many times), journalist Red Buttons, and, after about 50 minutes, slave-trader Peter Lorre and kidnapped Barbara Eden.

Extras: Widescreen/full frame, language and subtitle options (English, Spanish), chapters.

"VeggieTales: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler" (Big Idea, 2006, not rated, $14.98). Larry the Cucumber plays the detective of the title, with Bob the Tomato as Dr. Watson, searching for the elusive Golden Ruler. Funny stuff — for kids and adults. Also includes "The Asparagus of LaMancha," with Archibald Asparagus as Don Quixote.

Extras: Full frame, audio commentaries, featurettes, interactive games, DVD-Rom applications, subtitle options (English, Spanish), chapters.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?" (Anchor Bay, 2006, not rated, $14.98). Mister Rogers helps young children to deal with feelings of anger in his own unique, gentle, kid-friendly way.

Extras: Full frame, two episodes, tour of construction-paper factory, sing-along, optional English subtitles; 16-page booklet of care-giving tips.

"Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2" (Nick/Paramount, 2006, not rated, $14.99). "When Nerds Collide" has Timmy, of "The Fairly OddParents," and Jimmy, as in "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius," competing for the same girl. Also three "Fairly OddParents" episodes, two "Jimmy Neutron" episodes and three "Oh Yeah!" cartoons.

Extras: Full frame, nine cartoons/episodes, optional English subtitles, chapters.

"Zoey 101: Spring Break-

Up" (Nick/Paramount, 2006, not rated, $16.99). The title episode has the gang spending spring break competing for slots on a reality show. Also includes "Quinn's Date" and "Little Beach Party."

Extras: Full frame, three episodes, making-of featurettes, bloopers, optional English subtitles.

"Pocket Snails: Aquaphonic Adventure" (Soaring Star, 2006, not rated, $15.95). The animated mollusk trio is back to help Jake learn the sounds of the alphabet, with colorful images and upbeat music. For age 3 and up.

Extras: Full frame, deleted scene, outtakes, featurettes, promo, optional English subtitles, chapters.

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