Utah Jazz senior vice president Kevin O'Connor spent much of the last week on the phone with the NBA trade deadline approaching on Thursday, but despite several rumors mentioning the Jazz and player swaps, O'Connor said Tuesday night, "We don't have anything on the hot stove, but that could change.

"We're talking to a lot of people. We keep talking," O'Connor said, but as of Tuesday night, nothing seemed imminent.

Seemingly backing up that statement, Jazz coach Jerry Sloan said on Monday night that he had not spoken with O'Connor since before the All-Star break, and it would seem he would be consulted regarding a trade in the offing.

The Jazz have been mentioned in several rumors circulating nationally, one involving oft-injured forward Carlos Boozer, another involving Chicago's 270-pound, 6-foot-8 forward Michael Sweetney and another that claims Jazz forwards Matt Harpring and Kris Humphries are on their way elsewhere and that such a move has even been submitted to the NBA for approval.

"Absurd. Incorrect," O'Connor said about Harpring and Humphries.

Their names have likely come up, but it is thought that as of Tuesday, the Jazz had no deals involving either of those players.

The extra grande Sweetney does not seem like a Sloan type of player, and word out of both Chicago and Utah is that no talks have taken place between the two teams about him, though ESPN.com said in a tidbit item on the Web site that the Jazz "like" Sweetney, a 2003 first pick.

Another rumor circulating Tuesday said the Jazz want to be part of a possible multi-team deal in which the New York Knicks might get guard Steve Francis from Orlando.

"No. Absolutely not," O'Connor said. "We're not part of the discussions to this point."

National talk about Boozer has been circulating for more than a year, and according to Sports Illustrated NBA writer Ian Thomsen, who assessed what NBA teams "will be looking to do" before Thursday's deadline on the magazine's Web site earlier this week, the Jazz "will move" Boozer "either this week or this summer."

That is merely one man's assertion, but Thomsen's one-liner does reflect general sentiment among much of the national media assembled in Houston for last weekend's NBA All-Star Game activities.

It might be difficult to trade him now even if the Jazz are actively seeking such a deal simply because he has played in just four games since his return from a year of injuries, and he has played limited minutes in each of those games.

If the Jazz are planning to deal Boozer by Thursday, they have given no public indication that is the case.

Boozer played for the first time in the Delta Center in 375 days Tuesday night.

INJURY FRONT: Guard Gordan Giricek's Tuesday MRI showed his Achilles tendinitis is healing but not completely healed, and he will remain in a boot for two to three more weeks.

Post Robert Whaley (arthroscopic knee surgery) did not travel to Oklahoma City, but his rehab regimen is increased to "floor activity."

Guard Milt Palacio sprained his right pinky finger late in Tuesday's game but is probable tonight.

Guard Andre Owens missed his seventh game with a stress fracture.

SLEIGHT OF HAND: Former Jazz forward Ben Handlogten signed recently with Barcelona of the Spanish League and is now playing there after spending time playing in South Korea.