The Southern Baptists' boycott of Disney is "bothering" the Magic Kingdom and members should keep it up, a Baptist official said Wednesday at the faith's annual convention.

"This boycott has traction. This boycott has legs. It is bothering Disney," said Richard Land, president of the faith's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.He offered no specifics on how well the boycott was working or what damage it had done to the corporation. He repeatedly pointed to Disney chairman Michael Eisner's interviews with the media about the boycott as proof that Southern Baptists were making an impact.

"If we weren't bothering Mickey's Empire, Mr. Eisner wouldn't be attacking us. You keep doing what's right," Land told about 8,500 "messengers," as delegates are called, attending the Salt Lake City convention.

But Disney spokesman John Dreyer said the boycott isn't bothering the company's bottom line. He said Wednesday that Disney's revenue, earnings and amusement park attendance all set records last year.