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Sheree Allen

1. WEST VALLEY CITY, Jan. 2 — Theresa Marie Harris, 43, was shot four times and killed by her ex-husband after she went to his house near 7000 West and 3700 South to deliver drinks and other items to their 17-year-old son. Hector Leiva-Fuentes, 49, shot and killed Harris after they began arguing while she was unloading groceries from her car. He then fatally shot himself. Their daughters, ages 9 and 12, witnessed the incident while sitting in the back seat of the car.

2. TOOELE, Jan. 13 — Kevin P. Long, 39, and Connie Jean Long, 28, were each charged with one count of second-degree felony child-abuse homicide and three counts of second-degree felony child abuse in connection with the death of their 5-month-old son. Kevin Long allegedly suffocated the infant to death after becoming frustrated with him. Both were sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

3. WEST VALLEY CITY, Jan. 24 — The body of Sheree Allen, 22, was found by a man going through a Dumpster near 3500 South and 1500 West. Investigators determined Allen had been dead at least 24 hours. There is no motive or suspect in the slaying, but police say it is still an open investigation.

4. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 14 — Salvador Rosales-Meza, 31, was shot multiple times and his body left in the middle of a dirt road on 7200 West near 100 North. The case is still open, and no arrests have been made.

5. LA VERKIN, Feb. 13 — Bera Kirchoff, 26, was shot and killed in her home. Her ex-boyfriend Floyd Corry Robinson, 36, was later arrested in Toquerville for investigation of aggravated murder. This was the first homicide case for the recently formed local police force. A jury trial was recently postponed while Kirchoff was ordered to undergo a mental competency evaluation.

6. PROVO, Feb. 19 — Fernando Barraza, 20, was fatally stabbed in a love triangle situation. Jaime Velasco, 26, drove to the Provo police station after the incident and stabbed himself. He was hospitalized with serious injuries. After being released from the hospital he was charged and booked into jail on charges of aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder, both capital offenses. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February.

7. WEST VALLEY CITY, March 19 — Perry Spight, 27, was shot in the back following a fight early in the morning at a party near 3700 South and 6900 West. Edgar Jose Montero, 18, was charged with criminal homicide. Montero was allegedly shooting at another man and hit Spight, who was attempting to break up the fight. A trial is scheduled for March.

8. SALT LAKE CITY, March 27 — Linda Wolfgram, 20, was shot and killed outside an apartment complex at 615 S. Redwood Road, and another man was critically injured. Hieu Trung Dinh Vu was arrested about a week later. He allegedly fired into a group of people that had confronted another group about competing parties in the complex. A jury trial is scheduled in January.

9. LOGAN, March 27 — Oscar Arrieta-Simon, 19, of Hyrum, was shot and killed during an argument at Logan's Willow Park near 500 West and 700 South. Mynor Armando Ardon-Aguirre, 24, was charged with first-degree felony murder. He later pleaded guilty to manslaughter, a second-degree felony, and was sentenced to 1 to 15 years in prison. Police said the shooting was gang-related.

10. MIDVALE, March 29 — Bradley Johnson, 32, was allegedly run over and killed by his friend, James Corbin Gonzales, 33, who mistook him for another person the duo was chasing and trying to hurt. Gonzales was charged with first-degree felony murder. He is scheduled to be back in court in February.

11. OGDEN, March 30 — Lesly Morales, 16-months, was allegedly beaten to death. Ernesto Morales, 21, her father, pleaded guilty to first-degree felony murder. The infant suffered several broken bones and a blow to the face, police said. Ernesto is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

12. SALT LAKE CITY, April 3 — Joshua Jacobsen, 21, was stabbed to death during a Liberty Park drum circle. Darrell Ray Sturmer, 35, was located at a homeless shelter in St. George a few days later and arrested. The two men were seen arguing with each other at the drum circle prior to the attack. A trial was scheduled for January.

13. OGDEN, April 16 — The body of Johanna McCann, 37, was found wrapped in plastic and dumped near Pineview Reservoir. Her boyfriend, Joseph Weatherspoon, 51, was arrested and charged with stabbing the woman and then letting her bleed to death. The State Medical Examiner determined she probably would have lived after the stabbing if she had received proper medical attention. A jury trial was scheduled for February.

14. SALT LAKE CITY, April 16 — The body of Hector Montoya-Medina, 39, was found in the trunk of a car hanging over the bank of the Jordan River surplus canal near 2200 West and 900 South. Investigators said he was beaten and suffered blunt force trauma. No arrests have been made in the case.

15. SUMMIT COUNTY, April 18 — The remains of John D. Mayo were found cut up and spread out over a seven- mile area in Summit County near the Utah-Wyoming border. Summit County investigators determined the actual homicide occurred in Salt Lake City and turned the case over to the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office.

16. WEST VALLEY CITY, April 29 — Jared Alcorn, 21, beaten to death following an argument with 21-year-old Ryan Lawrence Evans in a trailer home near 3300 W. 2800 South. Evans was charged with manslaughter, a second-degree felony. A trial was scheduled for February.

17. WELLINGTON, May 1— Crystal Bradley, 27, was stabbed to death at her home. Her husband, 37-year-old Dale Bradley, was arrested on an unrelated drug charge and considered a person of interest in his wife's death. Four months later, Dale Bradley was arrested and charged with first-degree felony murder in the 14-year-old murder of Kennecott security guard Bryan Ruff. No arrest has been made or motive released yet in the death of Crystal Bradley.

18. SOUTH SALT LAKE, May 8 — Aaron Dowdle, 15, died from complications suffered in a severe beating on April 1. He and his friend 15-year-old Andrew Weston were found severely beaten and left for dead in separate locations that morning. Dowdle was found behind a vacant warehouse near 200 West and 2650 South. No arrests have been made, and a motive is not known.

19. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 10 — Laurel Kilpatrick Quibell, 59, was shot and killed in her home near 3800 South and 6700 West. Lyle E. Kilpatrick, 62, Quibell's estranged husband to whom she was married for more than 30 years but against whom she had a restraining order at that time, allegedly shot her and then fatally shot himself along the Jordan River Parkway near 1400 West and North Temple.

20. DRAPER, May 16 — Lindsey Rae Fawson, 23, was shot in the head with a sawed-off shotgun while she sat in her car and her son was in the back seat. Juan Carlos Diaz-Arevalo, 25, was arrested and charged with first-degree felony murder. Diaz-Arevalo and Fawson had been involved in a prior relationship and were apparently arguing over who owned what property after their breakup. Diaz-Arevalo is scheduled to be back in court in January.

21. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 25 — Guillermo Padilla, 17, was shot and killed as he drove down 4100 South near 3200 West by a man in another car driving next to him. A third motorist, a bystander, was injured in a head-on collision caused when Padilla was shot. Padilla and the alleged attacker apparently had an ongoing dispute, and police said the shooting was not random. Gene Garza, 20, was arrested and charged with first-degree felony murder. A trial is scheduled for February while Garza filed a motion in December for his counsel to withdraw.

22. AMERICAN FORK, June 1 — Lukasz Drej, 25, was shot multiple times and killed while outside his mother's home. His brother Eryk Drej, 31, was arrested and charged with murder but has twice been ruled incompetent to stand trial.

23. LAYTON, June 1 — Jackson Burns, 2, was beaten to death. Clinton L. Rosenbaum, 24, was charged with first-degree felony murder and two counts of second-degree felony child abuse in Jackson's death. Rosenbaum, "a martial arts practitioner, violently punched a 2-year-old child in the head with extreme force" because the toddler had hit Rosenbaum's dog with a toy, according to court documents. The boy's mother, Rachel Burns, 22, was also arrested and charged with second-degree felony child abuse. Rosenbaum pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years to life at the Utah State Prison. The court recommended he serve at least 20 years before the parole board considers his release.

24. SALT LAKE COUNTY, June 5 — Joe Ann Kirkham, 71, was found dead inside her house near 4600 West and 5100 South. Her mentally ill son, 34-year-old Matthew Kirkham, was arrested for investigation of homicide. His mental competency to stand trial is under evaluation.

25. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 10 — Norma Hernandez Espinoza, 25, was stabbed and beaten to death. Trey Holloway-Brown, 27, was arrested for investigation of homicide. Espinoza was the girlfriend of Brown's estranged wife and had stepped into the middle of a heated argument between the Browns, infuriating Holloway-Brown. A trial is scheduled for March.

26. HERRIMAN, June 16 — Jacquelyn Villoto, 34, was fatally shot and stabbed multiple times by her common-law husband, Jairo Ortega, 46, at their home near 13600 South and 6100 West before he fatally shot himself once in the head. Villoto's three sons, ages 12 to 15, were the first to find their mother's body after returning home.

27. OGDEN, June 18 — Cristo Rodriquez, 21, was shot to death in a home on the 500 block of 35th Street. Jose Guadalupe Diaz, 19, was arrested. Police believe the shooting was the result of a dispute over drug money. A jury trial is scheduled for February.

28. SALT LAKE CITY, JULY 9 — Lopeti "Robert" Keiaho was shot to death following a confrontation with a known gang member. Sione Maafu Kauvaka, 24, was charged with first-degree murder. He allegedly fired several shots at a group of people in a back yard near 1200 W. 500 South, following a previous altercation at Jordan Park, fatally striking Keiaho and injuring another man. Kauvaka was due back in court in February and a trial was scheduled for April.

29. MAGNA, Aug. 6 — Jason Royter, 33, was found stabbed to death in his home, 7383 W. Paine Road (3745 South). Investigators said there were signs of a violent struggle in the house. There have been no arrests in the case, and investigators were still unsure of a motive.

30. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 18 — Darla Woundedhead was shot and killed in the doorway of a room at the Dream Inn motel, 1865 W. North Temple. Her infant girl was delivered two months prematurely by emergency C-section and was born with cocaine, opiates and barbiturates in her bloodstream. Five people have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the crime that police said appeared to stem from a robbery attempt after a drug deal had gone bad. The five are in various stages of being prosecuted.

31. WEST JORDAN, Aug. 23 — Kylnt Barber, 27, was killed when he suffered a severe laceration on his neck after being struck with a ceramic coffee mug. Barber was fighting with another man, allegedly over a girl they both knew. Paul K. Madill was charged with first-degree felony murder, and a preliminary hearing has been set for Feb. 8.

32. TAYLORSVILLE, Aug. 27 — Luis Miguel Chavez-Gonzales, 21, was killed in a drive-by shooting near 4100 South and Redwood Road. Police say Gonzales was not a gang member. Investigators have no motive or suspects in the slaying.

33. BOUNTIFUL, Aug. 28 — Janeil B. Drommond, 29, Woods Cross, died from a gunshot wound to her head and one to her torso. Her ex-husband, 29-year-old David Drommond, was charged with aggravated homicide, a capital offense. He is due back in court Jan. 9.

34 & 35. SANDY, Sept. 2 — Rex Edwards and Christopher Roe, 54, were allegedly attacked by a neighbor as they slept in their trailer home. Roe was stabbed to death at the scene. Edwards died from his injuries a week later. Zachary Elliot Hain, 27, was charged with murder. He was found incompetent to stand trial and is currently being treated at the Utah State Hospital.

36. SOUTH OGDEN, Sept. 16 — Nicole L. D'agnillo, 23, and her 4-month old baby were found dead inside their apartment by police after neighbors complained of a strong smell coming from the apartment. The body of the father and husband, 35-year-old Mark B. D'agnillo, was also found inside. Investigators believe D'agnillo shot and killed his wife and then killed himself. The state medical examiner could not determine the cause of death of the infant. South Ogden police said they will list the baby's death as "suspicious" in their year-end statistics but could not classify it as a homicide because of the medical examiner's inconclusive report.

37. TOOELE, Sept. 21 — Richard Martinez, 24, was fatally shot near Settlement Canyon Reservoir. Investigators said the shooting was the result of a long-running feud between rival gangs. Daniel Herrera, 18, was charged with first-degree felony murder. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February.

38. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 24 — Edwin Tamoua, 35, died from multiple gunshot wounds. The escort service security guard was sitting in a lawn chair guarding the front door of Companions escort service, 1341 S. State, at approximately 1:30 a.m. when he was shot. No arrests have been made in the case.

39. HEBER, Sept. 25 —Aniceto Armendariz, 43, was shot and killed while driving with his wife on U.S. 40 near Heber. Armendariz was a leader in the Hispanic communities in Summit and Wasatch Counties. A father and son, Antonio Pelaez-Vasquez, 55, and Cunny A. Pelaez, 19, were both arrested for investigation of aggravated homicide. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 11.

40. UINTAH-OURAY RESERVATION, Oct. 4 — Shawn Hugo Ridley was shot and killed during a hunting trip on the Uintah Ouray Indian Reservation. Toby James Ridley, 18, allegedly got into an argument with Ridley, his cousin, after an afternoon of heavy drinking. Toby James Ridley admitted shooting his cousin and has pleaded guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter within Indian country. He will be sentenced in March.

41. WEST VALLEY CITY, Oct. 7 — Tyrone Tsosie, 23, was shot to death inside an apartment near 4600 South and 2900 West. Travis Tsosie, 21, the victim's brother, was booked into the Salt Lake City Jail for investigation of first-degree felony murder. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February.

42. SMITHFIELD, Oct. 15 — Ernestine Stoutenburg, 85, was shot and killed by her 89-year-old husband Robert before he fatally shot himself. The couple had been dealing with serious medical issues and had left a note explaining their actions.

43. OGDEN, Oct. 15 — Gene Richards, 42, was found beaten to death in his home at 1450 N. Washington Blvd. The investigation from that incident led police to 610 N. Gramercy where they found the body of a 43-year-old Allen J. Christian, who had hung himself. Investigators said Richards and Christian liked to do drugs together. They believe Christian killed Richards before committing suicide but were unsure what exactly sparked their argument.

44. WEST VALLEY CITY, Oct. 28 — Jeremiah Allred, 25, was stabbed to death in the home of his estranged wife. He apparently went to her house to talk about family matters. The woman's 15-year-old brother, Angel Ortiz, was at the home at the time. Some type of argument ensued and Ortiz allegedly stabbed Allred to death. Ortiz has been charged in juvenile court with first-degree felony murder.

45. OGDEN, Nov. 9 — Dana C. Byrd, 43, was killed in an apartment fire at the Canyon Cove Apartments. Jacob E. Leoncini, 21, was arrested for investigation of criminal homicide. Leoncini was reportedly mad at his girlfriend and lit a couch in a hallway on fire with a cigarette. The girlfriend was not injured. Leoncini did not know Byrd. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January.

46. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 18 — Donald Elroy Joseph, 28, was stabbed and then thrown from the fourth floor balcony of an apartment at 641 W. North Temple. Three people were arrested in connection with the incident, and one of them, Darren R. Coco., 40, has been charged with aggravated assault. Court documents state Joseph was stabbed as he was beating Coco with a wrench.

47. PROVO, Nov. 18 — John Holladay, 52, was shot and killed inside his parents' home. His brother, 50-year-old Don Holladay who lived in the basement, allegedly shot his brother before fatally shooting himself. Family members said Don Holladay was possibly suffering from a terminal illness. The brothers reportedly got into some type of argument prior to the shooting.

48. WEST JORDAN, Nov. 19 — Gerald Fain Jr., 19, was fatally stabbed in his house near 6900 South and 1300 West. His father, Gerald Fain Sr., 40, was charged with criminal homicide. The two were reportedly having an argument in the kitchen when the father picked up a knife and stabbed his son. Fain is scheduled to be back in court Jan. 10.

49. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 27 — Salvador Castro Gomez, 35, was shot and killed with an assault rifle during a gang fight in the Avenues. The fight was between members of the same gang. Two others were shot and wounded during the confrontation. Police were searching for a 17-year-old juvenile in connection with the homicide. Another man was arrested for allegedly shooting and injuring the others.

50. WEST VALLEY CITY, Dec. 24 — David Pentelakis, 28, was shot and killed at the Aspen Village Apartments, 3043 W. 3500 South, in what investigators believed was a gang-related incident. Anthony Jole Alires, 19, turned himself in two days later. He was being held in the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of homicide while charges were screened with the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office. An extension to hold him in jail through Jan. 4 was filed while charges are considered.