One of the real interesting transitions this season is that of Scott Layden.

He was dumped by the Knicks, for whom he had been president and general manager, to make way for, ahem, Isiah Thomas. Layden has resurfaced in Utah, which is where it all began for him, starting as an assistant on his father's coaching staff with the Jazz to being the team's general manager before taking the Knicks job.

"It's unusual," Layden conceded. "Normally, when you get a new job, you usually only know the person who hires you. In this case, I know everyone and I've worked with everyone before. It's been a great transition that way. It's a reunion of old friends, and I'm very lucky in that respect. Sure, there are things you miss, but I'm back in the gym every day, and I enjoy basketball."

Layden and current Jazz coach Jerry Sloan were assistants under Frank Layden in the 1980s. Now Scott Layden is the No. 3 assistant under Sloan. Asked about perhaps seeing the job change as a comedown, Sloan said, "I don't think he looked at it that way. He's looking at it as not having a job to having a job. That's the most important thing. If he was team president, you don't have to worry about getting a job. To get into this business, you do your job and keep your mouth shut, and people will recommend you for another job. Some people feel they have to campaign for jobs. Well, if you can't do your job, you'd better campaign. He comes in and does his job, every day."