The following new charter schools are scheduled to open next year:

Channing Hall, Draper, K-8 — The school is one of the first schools of its kind in Utah to implement the International Baccalaureate Program. Channing will focus on developing children who are "agile learners" — a type of learning that invites creativity, innovation, and requires a true breadth and depth of understanding. Information at

Early College High School, Logan, 9-12 — ECHS will focus on math, science and engineering and is one of six New Century high-tech high schools in Utah. The school targets minorities and low-income students and offers concurrent enrollment. It will be located on Utah State University's campus. For information e-mail

Entheos Academy, K-8 — "Entheos" means to be inspired, and the school's mission is to inspire students to reach their potential, venture into challenging new learning experiences and be leaders through service. The school will encourage commitment to family and community and uses hands-on expeditions and thematic units to help students learn leadership skills and serve the community. For information e-mail

George Washington Academy, St. George, K-8 — The academy aims to establish a learning environment based on the principles of self-discipline and respect where each child may develop the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Teachers will use the Core Knowledge Curriculum and parental involvement is strongly encouraged. For information e-mail

Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs, K-9 — Lakeview will open as a K-6 school and add a grade each year until 2009. The school aims to teach students to become lifelong learners and will challenge students through rigorous academics, civic involvement and character development. For information e-mail

Legacy Preparatory Academy, Bountiful, K-9 — The school will use a classically based curriculum integrating the fine arts to develop a creative and reasoning mind. The language-intensive education demands that students use and understand words and uses history as its organizing outline, beginning with the ancients and progressing forward to the moderns in history, science, literature, art and music. Information at

Liberty Academy, Elk Ridge, K-12 — The school focuses on the preservation of freedom and will offer classes such as the Foundations of Liberty, Constitutional Studies and Contemporary Issues. Socratic inquiry will also be used to encourage learning and exploration. There will be both a dress code and values program and students will explore the principles and values upon which liberty is won, ordered and sustained. For information e-mail

Monticello Academy, West Valley City, K-8. Monticello will place strong emphasis on academic achievement in a college-preparatory setting. The goal is to instill in students the value of learning and seeking higher education and impose high standards of behavior and performance. It will also provide studies in Latin, Mandarin and Spanish and will pioneer the Singapore Math Program. Information at

Mountainville Academy, Alpine, K-8 — The academy will offer an academically rigorous and skill-based education, with special attention to language arts and math. It aims to foster positive character development emphasizing integrity, personal responsibility and respect and provide a well-rounded education through historical, scientific and cultural topics. Information at

Noah Webster Academy, Orem, K-6 — The school plans to offer a safe and nurturing environment of classical education that fosters patriotism, cultural literacy, moral virtue, individuality and self-government. It specializes in a classical approach to academics with an emphasis on integrating world cultures and language acquisition to give students the tools necessary to achieve in the upper grades. Information at

Paradigm High School, Riverton, 9-12 — PHS is a liberal arts charter school, seeking to build a solid foundation in the core fields of language, literature, history, science, mathematics and the fine arts. Students will study the masters and source documents of each course, and employ the proven methods of Socratic discussion, multiple modes of learning, hands-on project applications and individual mentoring to build the higher-order skills of analysis, computation, comparison and proficiency in reading, writing and speaking. Information at

Renaissance Academy, Alpine, K-8 — The academy will bring the spirit of enlightenment of the Renaissance era and the modern information age together to help students see significance and connectedness in all subjects, giving place for curiosity to translate into contribution. The curriculum will emphasize the sciences and fine arts. Foreign language begins in kindergarten, with multiple choices available in grades 6-8 as part of the International Baccalaureate Program. Information at

Salt Lake School of Performing Arts, Salt Lake City, 9-12 — This school — still pending final approval by Salt Lake City School District — will be located next to Highland High. Focusing on music, theater and dance, it will prepare students to enter conservatories. It aims to give students a head start into their professions in performing arts and enable them to have a resume when they graduate. The school will partner with Highland High for core classes. For more information call Dorothy Cosgrove at 578-8599.

Spectrum Academy, Kaysville, K-8 — Sponsors say this is the first tuition-free school that uses research-based teaching methods to teach children with Asperger's syndrome, high-functioning autism, communication disorders and sensory integration disorders. The academy will be specifically designed for children who are faced with challenges related to socialization, communicative development, peer relations and sensory integration dysfunction. Information at

Syracuse Arts Academy, Syracuse, K-6 — The academy will expose students to visual and performing arts at a young age and will integrate arts into all areas of the curriculum. It aims to develop respectful, confident citizens through utilizing an educational environment enriched by artistic expression. For information e-mail